Overcoats — “Young”


The music of Overcoats — comprised of best friends, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell — wraps itself around listeners much like their duo name suggests. With warm two-part harmonies and a simmering production style, Young takes on the spectrum of youth, love, and family head-on, with all of its compassion, drama, and reflection. The opening tune of the record, Father, takes you into their world: “My father understands the demons I wrestle with in my daydream / And knows what to say when they are winning / And I go spinning all night”. Their suspended melodies seem to keep this song at a standstill, but they don’t.

The ball doesn’t stop rolling at the first tune, though.

By the fourth tune of the record, “Leave the Light On,” the energy of Overcoats is buzzing, with a catchy chorus and the boom-clap of their production carrying them upwards.

By the seventh tune, “Walk On,” I wanted to walk alongside the soulful Elion and Mitchell, who, even in heartbreak, share a sad empathy: “I wrote this down for you / I hope it lets you rest your head / Even though there are words left unsaid.”

There is no particular climax of this record, nor are there any tunes that seem less unique than the others. It started with Father, and comes, full-circle and without a bang, with the soothing melodies of Mother.

Though they are relatable, the power the two have resides not just in their throaty voices, hearty lyrics, or thrumming bass lines. Their style, though reminiscent of Daughter or Lucius, is uniquely theirs, and filled with enough emotional charge to power the world for a very long time. The power of Overcoats lies in their vulnerability: it’s that they believe their own words and the validity of their own sentiments, and by the end, you will too.

Recommended If: Going through the entire spectrum of your feelings through nostalgia, reflection, and the buttery goodness of a cool best-friend duo is a thing that you are comfortable with.

If You’re Walking Through the Rain, Listen to This One: “23”

If You Feel Like Channeling Your Inner Lorde: “Nighttime Hunger”

If You Need a Weepy Guitar Part Because You’re In Too Deep: “Little Memory”


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