Office Hours 01: Terence Clines

Full Name: Terence Francis Clines.

Fake Name: Has been tossing around Old Scratch as a rap name but not sure that it fits.

Reincarnation Name: James something or other.

From: Long Island, NY.

Could Be From: If you won’t call him out, he could be from New York City.

Color of Instrument: A black acoustic guitar with a red pick guard.

Pets: Has never had a pet, unfortunately, but had an awesome Crobat in Pokemon Diamond named John Gold.

Favorite Band’s Worst Album: The Front Bottoms – Back On Top. He loves the old stuff; the new singles sound good too, but he just felt that the album lacked energy.

Language of Ambition: Greek.

Deserts or Desserts: Desserts, preferably cold ones.

Time of Survey Completion: Friday at 1:02 a.m.

Draw Yourself:



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